Double Your Productivity &
Reduce Your Stress Levels

The Focus90 Protocol is a unique approach to productivity that has been called a "life changer" by our students.

The premise is simple: you've never been truly focused & in the zone during your work before. Therefore, you don't even know how much you're capable of.

The Focus90 Protocol is a deceptively simple and savagely effective recipe for unlocking your full, productive potential.

If you have goals in life, this is the way to reach them.

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What You'll Discover In This Free Class

We'll squeeze the absolute maximum of useful, convention-shattering productivity advice into less than 1 hour of time. 

After all, this is about productivity, to the last thing we'll do is waste your time. Here are some of the topics we'll cover on this completely free class:

Productivity Hack #1: 90 Awesome Minutes

A simple framework that shows you how you can squeeze more productive work out of a single 90 minute work session than you ever thought possible.

Productivity Hack #2: Effortless Motivation

Learn how you can trick your brain into enjoying work - even if it's work you usually hate and always put off. There's no easier way to ensure that you get your most important work done.

Productivity Hack #3: Get Back On Your Feet

No one is always in the zone & always doing their best work. Humans fall down, but with this technique, you can reliably pick yourself back up and get back into it.