Content Blueprint FAQs


i don't create short form content, should I still join?

Yes. I have found that short-form content has been extremely effective at testing new content ideas without spending a monumental amount of effort in content creation itself.

The major advantage with short-form content is that the feedback loop between a) creating content and b) your audience's response the content, is very short. This allows us to test a large variety of topics and content ideas very fast in a very small amount of time. 

And it helps us validate content ideas as well to find what's resonating with our audience before we pour in a lot of effort in creating longer form content.

I have also found that short-form content has helped me improve all my longer-form content creation skills as well. I highly recommend doing at least one sprint of short-form content creation even if it's not the main type of content you create.

how much time will this take per day?

On average about 2-3 hours per day, and that would be even less when we factor in things like batching our work.

Our goal here isn't to get on the content creation treadmill, our goal here is to be fast, efficient, and effective.

The Content Blueprint System is essentially a Guerilla Tactic for making impactful content fast.

And it's only 21 days, your brand is worth 2 hours a day for 3 weeks ;)

i make content in another language (not english), will this work for me?

Yes, it will. Because I am teaching you the principles behind making content that grows your audience. 

The principles I'm teaching you will work for any language and any demographic. Especially, with the content recipes you get, you will know how to create captivating content that captures attention (from the right people) and grows your audience.

will non-english content affect the accountability for me?

No, it won't. Because we aren't here to critique each other's spoken content. Instead, we're here to hold each other accountable to doing the work and posting our content.

And we can always provide feedback on the other non-verbal components of your content. Like lighting, audio levels, clarity, color grading, etc.

There is a TON you have to gain from the Content Blueprint 21-Day Challenge and accountability even if you're making content in any other language than English.

how is content blueprint different from audience from scratch?

Content Blueprint is my new, updated and simplified version of Audience from Scratch. The topic is the same, but the content is all new and it is based on everything I've learned since Audience from Scratch.

Content Blueprint is a simpler and shorter system. The course is shorter and more oriented towards practicality. Audience from Scratch goes into a lot of detail on the theory and psychology of what makes effective content. Content Blueprint is more practical and with less theory.

Content Blueprint also comes with a more practical guide to finding and validating content ideas. The content recipes in Content Blueprint are all either new or updated. And I've included a module on the creative process in Content Blueprint, which is more practical and effective than the way I covered it in AFS. Ive developed a really practical system that ensures I constantly have createive new ideas and that's what I'm teaching in CB.

Plus, of course, we are doing the accountability and group challenge with CB because we've seen how well that works with our other programs like focus & action.

do i need to be an experienced content creator to join?

No, you don't need any experience to join the Content Blueprint System Challenge. As a matter of fact, this system came from my 15+ years of content creation experience and building businesses & growing audiences from organic content.

I started from zero and have learned everything that I'm teaching you in this program. Content Blueprint is what I wish I had 15 years ago when I started out to cut down the learning curve for myself.

i don't have any high-tech camera equipment, should I still join?

Yes. As a matter of fact, all you need is your cell phone to create content. Plus, with the included Simple Editing Workshop, you will learn how to create & edit content on your phone really fast. Your content creation system will become extremely efficient and streamlined by joining the Content Blueprint System Challenge.

will this work for my niche? my business is different.

Yes, this will work for ANY business and niche because I am installing my Research Recipe in your mind which will allow you to crack any business and niche using my systems. My Content Blueprint System has been proven across multiple niches and businesses and can help anyone crack any niche.

what if i don't have any authority? why would anyone listen to me?

The great thing about content is that it just needs to be helpful. The more you help people, the more you build authority in their eyes. Take any popular content creator - like Marques Brownlee. Marques doesn't know how to create phones, but over the years of reviewing them he has learned what to look for and what to talk about. That's the same thing that will happen to you. You don't need authority to start but you need to start to gain authority.

is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. As with all my courses and programs there is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a 'Do It and It Will Work For You' Money Back Guarantee. If you go through the 21-Day Challenge and follow all the steps I lay out but still don't see any positive signal towards your goals... simply email me with the proof of work with a refund request and I will immediately refund you.