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Discover the Low Tension Flow approach to Extreme Productivity and Peak Performance.

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The class begins on November 6th, 2023 and takes place online. You can join from anywhere in the world.

What You Get When You Join the focus & action Live Class

Here are just some of the benefits that await you:

6-Week Guided Class

Step-by-step lessons, worksheets, assignments & tutorials to help you master your day.

Live Coaching & Guidance

Live coaching, Q&A sessions and feedback from Shane and his team, to ensure your success.

"Powerful 5" Community

Find yourself surrounded by growth minded, supportive, ambitious people & build your network.

Notion Templates

Access to my plug-n-play Notion templates & system to instantly make you ultra productive.

Sticky Habits

Discover the secrets to building habits that last & create the perfect morning routine.


Precise recipes to help you get back on track when you fall out of your routine or have a bad day.

Fortress & Prison

The time blocking technique that gives you mastery over your calendar & peace of mind.

Freedom Time

Discover how to gain "freedom time", during which you can unfold your full capability.


Real life case study of how you can take your newfound skills and dial them up to 11.

and much more!

This will be a fast-paced sprint to your end of year goals so you can truly enjoy your time off in the holidays with your loved ones.

...and much more!

In the focus & action 2023 live class, myself and my team will provide you with everything we can, to give you the best, most life-changing results possible.

We want YOU to become our next, spectacular success story.

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  • Live coaching calls & group sessions
  • Direct hands-on help from Shane & his team
  • Class begins on November 6, 2023
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How focus & action
Changed People's Lives

James Achieved
The American Dream

James joined us on a program and using our Crystal Clear GamePlan, he was able to turn his idea into a profitable business and is now living his dream life in paradise (his exact words).

It went from an idea to a profitable business in the course of getting sh!t done...
I have achieved damn near The American Dream without really trying...
I showed up in paradise f***ing randomly!

  James Simmons  

  Real Estate Business  

Sam Tripled
His Business Income

Sam already had a successful coaching business that he wanted to scale and systematize to free up his time. Using our Crystal Clear GamePlan, he was able to 2-3X his business income in just 3-4 weeks after working with us.

My business income between 2-3X'd within 3 or 4 weeks after the course.

  Sam Overton  

  Coaching Business  

Nick Achieved
Financial Freedom

Nick wanted to build his agency while working his day job.

Using our Crystal Clear GamePlan, he went from "basically nothing to making over 5-figures a month in 9 weeks."

He now lives dream life in sunny and beautiful Lisbon, Portugal with no financial concerns.

I went from basically nothing to having five signed clients in nine weeks making over five figures a month.

  Nick Patrocky  

  Marketing Agency  

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About Shane Melaugh

Maybe you're wondering: why should I take a class run by this guy?

I'm Shane Melaugh, I'm a serial entrepreneur and I started deliberately working on improving myself over 10 years ago. Since then, I've built up several 7-figure businesses, built highly effective teams from the ground up, spoken at events to large crowds and published hundreds of articles as well as over 1,000 videos.

I strongly believe that the proof is in the pudding. I believe that the value you get out of life is directly proportional to the value you create. Your success is determined by what you deliver and how that affects other people and the world. And I'm excited to teach you how to become an effortless high achiever!