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Here's What Happens on The Call

You will hop on a call with either me or one of my coaches. So we can understand your unique circumstances and situation. We will help you create sense out of the chaos and create your Crystal Clear GamePlan with you on the call.
This is the nudge that most people need to really take things to the next level!
Quick Checklist to stay on track:
  • Add this call to your calendar
  • Set a reminder for this call
  • Be serious about hitting your goals (you will after this call!)
  • Make sure you're in a quiet room when we talk freely


James Achieved
The American Dream

James joined us on a program and using our Crystal Clear GamePlan,... he was able to turn his idea into a profitable business and is now living his dream life in paradise (his exact words).

It went from an idea to a profitable business in the course of getting sh!t done...
I have achieved damn near The American Dream without really trying...
I showed up in paradise f***ing randomly!

  James Simmons  

  Real Estate Business  

Sam Tripled
His Business Income

Sam already had a successful coaching business that he wanted to scale and systematize to free up his time. Using our Crystal Clear GamePlan, he was able to 2-3X his business income in just 3-4 weeks after working with us.

My business income between 2-3X'd within 3 or 4 weeks after the course.

  Sam Overton  

  Coaching Business  

Nick Achieved
Financial Freedom

Nick wanted to build his agency while working his day job.

Using our Crystal Clear GamePlan, he went from 'basically nothing to making over 5-figures a month in 9 weeks'.

He now lives dream life in sunny and beautiful Lisbon, Portugal with no financial conerns.

I went from basically nothing to having five signed clients in nine weeks making over five figures a month.

  Nick Patrocky  

  Marketing Agency