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It's not only possible, it's the only way to break through your growth plateau and take your business to the next level.

Join our 6 week masterclass for ambitious people who finally want to stop procrastinating & make their goals become a reality. Starting November 6th, 2023.

Does this Sound Like You?

  • “I know what I need to do, I just don't do it.”
  • “I have 100 things on my to-do list and it just keeps growing.”
  • “I have too many ideas and often experience short bursts of motivation, but I struggle to see the most important things through to the end.”
  • “The more my business grows, the more work I have and it's becoming overwhelming. I've hit a growth plateau and the solution can't be to just put in more hours.”

I wish I had known this when I was a struggling and heading straight for burnout...

Hi, I'm Shane Melaugh, I'm the founder of Thrive Themes, focus & action and several other companies. I've worked with and taught over 100,000 people through my articles, videos & online courses.

I'm often asked for business advice. It makes sense: most people know me as the guy who built up several 7-figure businesses from scratch, with no outside funding.

What I often discover is that the real problems entrepreneurs have cannot be solved with business advice.

That's because the problem is actually at a different level. You can struggle away with business strategy and lead gen and ad targeting forever and all you get is more stress, more frustration and an endlessly growing to-do list...

And then, thanks to all the hustle culture messages that keep getting repeated by influencers and gurus all over social media, what do we do? 

We buckle down, we work harder, we sacrifice more hours...

...only to confirm once again that there are not enough hours in the day and some problems cannot be solved with brute force.

I know this well because that's exactly where I was stuck, many years ago. It felt like bashing my head against a wall, I was working far too much and the more my business grew, the worse it got!

I remember thinking: "this isn't what I signed up for..."

The point of becoming an entrepreneur wasn't to have more stress and overwhelm while spending every waking hour sitting hunched over in front of a screen.

I realized that I had to find a way to get far more done in far less time. I could no longer squeeze more work hours out of my day, so I had to find a way to squeeze more productive output out of my hours.

And to do that, I knew that I needed a radically different approach.

How I Created a Life of Freedom for Myself

pics from India, Bali, Norway and more

I've enjoyed the freedom to ride motorbikes through Bali, chill by the pool in Thailand, explore weird architecture in Europe and practice Yoga in northern India, among many more adventures.

So how did I go from that dire situation to the life I'm living now?

How did I end up scaling my business to millions in annual revenue while working far less than ever before (less than the typical 8-hour day, even), while taking time off and while living as a digital nomad, traveling all throughout Europe, into the mountain ranges of India and across the tropical islands in South East Asia?

What led to me living a life that is truly free?

Free from financial worries. Free from needing a job or needing to live in one specific location. Free to meet amazing people & experience adventure?

And most importantly: free to spend my time doing things that are deeply important and meaningful to me?

Good question.

The answer is that I became obsessed with productivity and high performance skills. And I stuck with it for long enough until I broke through and figured out a system that works.

I discovered how to unlock high performance states - the kind of state in which you're effortlessly motivated, full of energy and doing your absolute best work.

And luckily, it turns out that these high performance states go hand-in-hand with low stress, low tension and a balanced lifestyle.

Why I'm Telling You This...

I'm telling you my story for one simple reason: because you can create a life of freedom for yourself as well.

I know that if you apply this system, you will be experiencing extreme levels of productive output while feeling calmer and less stressed than ever.

And especially now, after I sold my previous business, teaching these skills to other entrepreneur has become one of the most exciting and gratifying things for me to do.

And by the way: I know that my methods work for other people - because I've taught them to other people and seen amazing transformations unfold right in front of me.

For example, here's an ex student of mine who used to feel stuck and overwhelmed (just like you):

Tim Gelhausen

“I accomplished a week’s worth of work in the morning...”

“I went from being an uncoordinated, procrastinating mess to actually working on my most important tasks daily. I cut 80% of my busy work and started focusing on what actually drives my business forward. I accomplish a week's worth of work in my morning hours now which already(!) affects my income.”

Tim Gelhausen

But enough about me & my students. Let's talk about you.

How can you become a high achiever and create an amazing life for yourself?

Like I said, it starts with getting clear about exactly what it is you want to accomplish. After all, you can't hit a target if you aren't aiming for it.

So, let's do a little thought experiment:

Your Worst Day vs. Your Best Day

Think back over the recent months - during this time, you've had some good days and some bad days. And think about how big of a difference your mental and emotional state makes.

On your worst days...

  • You barely manage to drag yourself out of bed
  • You feel tired and exhausted before you even start to work
  • You can't muster the motivation to do anything, everything feels like a chore
  • The hours crawl by at a torturous pace, you're stressed and unhappy...
  • ...and by the end of it, it feels like you've made no progress at all!

On your best days...

  • You wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day
  • You're effortlessly motivated and time flies by
  • Work feels satisfying, you enjoy the feeling of getting things done, being creative and solving problems
  • You can clearly see and feel yourself making progress
  • When you're done with your work day, you feel satisfied and can't wait to get back to it the next day!

Think of the difference in performance and productive output between your worst day and best day.

Think of how much more progress you make towards your goals on your best day, compared to your worst day.

The difference is huge.

No productivity app, no project management software, no AI assisted calendar scheduler will ever make this much of a difference to your productivity.

Logically, it follows that the most important thing you can do to be more productive and reach your goals faster... to ensure that you have more good days...

...and fewer bad days.

If you aren't in that optimal state of high performance at low tension often, nothing else matters.

If you don't know how to get yourself into that state and it's a roll of the dice whether your day will be great or awful, that is the most important thing to address, if you want to succeed.

How to Consistently Access High Performance Flow States

In psychology, the state of effortless motivation and optimal performance at low tension is called a flow state

A flow state cannot be forced. You can't push a button in your brain that makes you instantly drop into a flow state (unfortunately). In fact, the more you try to force it, the worse it gets. Because the high tension of "forcing it" is counter to the low tension state you need to be in to tap into flow.

However, there's good news too: you can create the conditions for flow states.

You can "invite" the flow state, so to speak. By combining insights from research in the field of flow and positive psychology, analysing the habits and behaviors of top performers throughout history and through lots of experiments I did on myself and with my clients and students, I've developed a formula that is reliable and reproducible.

I'll share it with you right here. 

The best way to understand flow states is to understand the Nr. 1 Enemy of flow states...

Welcome to the Perfect Anti-Flow Experiment

To understand optimal performance, let's do a little thought experiment: how would you design the perfect circumstances for "anti-flow"?

What would we need to put in place to ensure the opposite outcome: high stress, constant overwhelm, loads of time spent working, but with minimal productive output?

Look around you. You are living in this experiment.

Everything in our modern world is designed to distract, attract and stimulate us. Notifications ping, beep and buzz to snap us out of whatever we're doing and direct our attention to a new, more urgent thing.

Every screen emits a siren song of content designed to lure us in. It has become the norm for us to spend the majority of our day plugged in, headphones on, eyes turned towards one or several screens.

This is the perfect recipe for putting people in a high stress, low performance, low satisfaction mode:

  • Constant noise
  • Distractions everywhere
  • Rapid task switching
  • Unlimited temptations
  • Constantly changing stimuli
  • Total lack of clarity about what's important because everything presents as urgent

All of this creates total disengagement. You're never doing one single thing for long enough to really get into it. You can't follow one train of thought without interruption until you reach a conclusion or a creative idea. You are always active, but spread so thin that you aren't making progress on anything...

In identifying this worst case scenario, we also uncover the recipe for inviting flow states of optimal performance:

  • Calm, stable environment
  • Absence of distractions, notifications etc.
  • Uninterrupted single tasking
  • Absence of temptations
  • Clarity about goals, tasks & outcomes

These are the preconditions that must be in place for a high performance flow state to be possible.

There's more you can do to put your mental and emotional state into the right state and give yourself an even greater chance to perform at your best. But here's the harsh truth: for most people, all of these strategies are pointless, because the preconditions aren't fulfilled.

But when you put the right pieces in place, you'll quickly notice just how much of a difference it makes. 

Like what happened for Amanda:

Amanda S

“I am less of a slave to all the notifications & interruptions...”

By implementing only ONE single tactic from the course I've already seen a significant improvement in my productivity. I'm able to focus for longer periods and I am less of a slave to all the notifications and interruptions that used to cripple my productivity. I'm now working to instill the same habits and processes with my team.”

Amanda S.

Now, before we go any further, I need to share another crucially important idea with you. A mentor told me this many years ago and I'm forever grateful for the lesson, so I want to pass it on to you.

Right now, you're learning things about high performance flow states and you're perhaps taking mental notes for stuff to look into, learn about, read more about...

..and that's where you are prone to making a huge mistake (I know from experience). 

You run the risk of falling down an information rabbit hole. And this is a risk because:

You Don't Need More Information... You Need Better Implementation!

The way most people try to succeed is to learn, learn, learn until they have the perfect plan, until they have ALL the answers...

Which of course, is never.

Sometimes, you're not pushing forward and achieving more success because you're missing information... but most of the time, it's perfectionism holding you back.

You actually already have all the information you need to take your business to the next level. If you fully implemented your current know-how, you'd probably be 2-3x ahead of where you are right now.

In my own entrepreneurial journey, this was a huge unlock.

Once I learned to spend 80% of my time implementing and 20% learning, I made more progress in a few months than I did in years before.

And the more I studied successful individuals from all walks of life, the more clearly I could see this pattern: the most successful people don't just prioritize implementation over information. The most successful people are relentless, even fanatical implementers.

So I was very happy to discover that...

Becoming a Relentless Implementer is Possible for Anyone.

High achievers and super successful people are actually not different from "normal" people like you and me.

They aren't superhumans who never feel lazy. They aren't mutants who are completely immune to the lure of the "snooze" button in the morning.

People who are extraordinarily good at reaching their goals in record time are people like you and me... 

...who have created systems for themselves to keep them away from distraction, to keep them accountable and who have made it a habit to spend every day in deep focus, taking action on what matters most.

In other words: becoming an extraordinary goal achiever is a learnable skill.

I know it is because I went from the destined-to-fail slow kid, the constantly daydreaming underperformer, to launching and scaling multiple businesses from scratch. I know how to do this and I know how to teach it.

And that is exactly why I created focus & action.

focus & action Live 2023 - The Ruthlessly Practical Approach to Becoming a High Achiever

focus & action Live 2023 is an online group class that begins on November 6th, 2023.

The class takes place online, over the course of 6 weeks. During this period, you will get access to the most effective personal transformation & productivity system I have ever devised.

And you will get mentorship from myself & my team, both in our private, members-only forum and on live Q&A sessions.

In short, this class contains everything you need to transform the way you work, think & live in order to become an extremely effective goal-achiever.

Most importantly: you won't be going it alone.

focus & action Live 2023 is a group class. You will be starting the class along with a group of other ambitious, growth minded individuals.

You'll get access to our exclusive member forum where you can participate in group challenges, join accountability groups and get feedback, encouragement & help from others.

Not going the journey alone makes a huge difference to your chances of success.

Instead of just another course or book that's easy to ignore or put off for "later" you'll be going through this transformation journey along with awesome people.

People like Nick, for example ...

Nick Builds an Agency While Working Full Time

“I used to always wait until the last minute of a deadline and be super stressed out… the deadline was the only thing that would get me to take action.
Now, I set a goal, break it down and just follow the system. It feels almost effortless.
At my startup job, I’ve never missed a deadline and never had any stress. And at the same time, I scaled my own agency and crossed $10K/month.
I think that wouldn’t have been close to
possible before focus & action.”

- Nick Patrocky

Let's dive into the focus & action Live Class more fully

There are 3 main components to the focus & action Live Class:

Course Lessons

Course modules, video lessons & worksheets that you can access at any time.

Live Calls

Live calls with myself & my team, Q&A sessions & direct feedback on your progress.


Access to the member forum, group challenges, accountability groups & support from your peers.

What You'll Discover in the Course Modules

Here are the topics that are covered in details, step-by-step video lessons & tutorials:

The Focus Skill

Focus is a skill. And most of us are terrible at it. We live in a world of constant distraction and that's a major reason we can't get much done. As you'll see, there are specific and straight-forward ways to strengthen your "focus muscle" and they can make all the difference!

Freedom Time

Speaking of distraction: a core system in focus & action is the creation and cultivating of "freedom time". Time during which you are completely undistracted, 100% focused and do your best work, period.

Push & Pull Goals

Most people do goal setting dead wrong. Most goals are set in such a way that they have failure built in. Once you learn the "pushing force" and "pulling force" principle, you'll be able to set goals that propel towards action, almost automatically.

The Priority Quadrant

One of the great arts of productivity is prioritization. It's the art of knowing what to say "no" to. The Priority Quadrant takes all the guesswork out of this, so you'll know exactly what to focus on - and what to ignore - in the next month, quarter and year.

The Prison & The Fortress

Using the technique of The Prison & The Fortress, you can finally take control of your schedule and tame your calendar. You'll experience peace of mind, knowing that important work will get done and busywork and other distractions won't interfere.

Habit Failsafes

What if you build up a good routine of habits, but then it all falls apart when there's a holiday or you travel or something else disrupts your routine? Habit Failsafes are the answer! Learn how to set them up, to make your productive habits more robust.

Multi-Device Environment Optimization

Nobody can be productive and focused in a highly distracting environment. In focus & action, you'll discover exactly how to optimize your environment as well as all your devices for maximum productivity.

The Deep Work Protocol

In focus & action, you'll discover how to design an optimally productive month, week, day and even individual work session. Learn the exact protocol to follow, to get maximum productivity out of your work hours.

Yes, that is a lot of content, but don't worry! You won't just have a bunch of lessons dumped on you, all at once.

The lessons will be released over the 6-week class period, with clear instructions of what to do and what to focus on. You'll be taking this one step at a time, with guidance and community support.

Go Deeper With Live Calls

In addition to the course material, we'll be doing weekly live calls.

During these calls, we will announce new challenges and provide feedback & guidance for the coming week of the class.

But most importantly, the calls are an opportunity for you to ask questions and get feedback on your own progress through the class. Becoming a high achiever isn't a one-size-fits-all deal. On the calls, we'll be able to answer common questions and take a deeper dive into topics voted on by the community as well as talk about how to overcome obstacles you may be struggling with.

Think of the live calls as an extra safety net, to ensure your success as well as an extra boost, to take your success even further.

Join Our Growth Minded Community & Find Your Tribe

Having a group of people who support you on your journey is nothing short of priceless.

That is why a core part of our program is about joining you with like-minded people, and leading group calls to discuss goals, keep each other accountable, and provide you with a tribe to grow with.

Everyone in the class will be one big group, all moving forward together.

You can think of this as your "mini-tribe", your immediate entourage and your accountability partners.

And let's get one thing out of the way: this is NOT a Facebook group. Loads of online courses, "coaching programs" and "masterminds" dump their members into a Facebook group as an added bonus, these days.

It's an easy way to advertise "community" without really having to add to a product.

What we're talking about here, for the focus & action students, is something completely different. First of all, it's not on Facebook. We both know that if you want to be a highly focused badass, spending more time on Facebook isn't part of the plan.

We have a private community forum which is distraction free & completely focused on productivity, goal achievement and live optimization.

And for the focus & action Live class, you will get access to an exclusive sub-forum, to meet and exchange with your fellow students.

In this community, we will help you form accountability groups and you can post your own challenges and get inspired by what other community members are doing.

They say that the results you get are the average of the results the people around you get. By joining our community, you'll be bumping that average up, significantly.

Think of how amazing it is to be going through this program with people like Sam:

Sam Launches His Business in 6 Weeks

My business income 3x-ed within four weeks after the course because it was so much easier to sell clients and work with clients with this new system.
I’ve always worked hard but I also have the tendency to be disorganized. With the program, I was able to focus on the most important tasks at hand and the knowledge that I would be held accountable by the end of the week.

- Sam Overton

The Modules in the focus & action Class

When the class starts you will be able to log in to an online dashboard, where you can access the class material, which consists of video lessons & worksheets.

The focus & action system is divided into 7 modules of content, with video lessons, resources and tool recommendations in each one.

The Course Modules


Why you need to forget everything you think you know about productivity. The mindset shift for being highly productive in these distracted times.


Willpower doesn't work. Period. Discover how you can change your physical and digital environment to get in the zone and do your best work.


There's no use learning a bunch of theory, but implementing none of it. Learn a scientifically backed system for turning theory into habits & action.


Discover the goal-setting technique that wastes no time and actually propels you into action. Set the right goals, create priorities that matter.


Learn how to design the optimal work session. You won't believe how much you can get done during a true, deep focus session, after this.


Create a daily schedule based on your short-, mid- and long-term goals and watch yourself move forward relentlessly, instead of feeling stuck.


Discover my "in case of emergency, break glass" techniques for: extreme, short term bursts of productivity, getting unstuck from a rut, destroying bright-shiny-object syndrome and overcoming extreme cases of procrastination and lack of focus.

You will be guided during the class content during the 6 week period, along with the live calls and community element.

Life after focus & action...

  • You now wake up full of motivation, excited to start your day and achieve your goals. Your energy and focus make you unrecognisable to yourself and other people. You think “is this even me?!”
  • You're making constant, measurable progress towards your goals daily and you can already see your life changing before you.
  • You are a super-productive action taker. Your confidence is through the roof. No task is too great for you. You clear your to-do list daily. You almost feel unstoppable.
  • Your friends and family come to you for advice. You're known as the one who “just gets sh*t done.”
  • You think of the future and you can't help but smile with excitement. Seeing the progress you're making, you know that it's just going to get better.

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  • Live coaching calls & group sessions
  • Direct hands-on help from Shane & his team
  • Class begins on November 6th, 2023

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About Shane Melaugh

Maybe you're wondering: why should I take a class run by this guy?

I'm Shane Melaugh, I'm a serial entrepreneur and I started deliberately working on improving myself over 15 years ago. Since then, I've built up several 7-figure businesses, built highly effective teams from the ground up, spoken at events to large crowds and published hundreds of articles as well as over 1,000 videos.

I strongly believe that the proof is in the pudding. I believe that the value you get out of life is directly proportional to the value you create. Your success is determined by what you deliver and how that affects other people and the world. And I'm excited to teach you how to become an effortless high achiever!


“The course showed me how much of my time was being frittered away on constant checking of email and social media. ‘Freedom Time’ has been a revelation!

Shane’s is a calm voice of reason in the overhyped, jargon-heavy world of online business. His advice is always based on sound evidence and experience.
Thank you for a really well-crafted course.”

Victoria Hopkins

Shane is able to convey the principles and systems in a clear and concise way.

Doing this course together with him has been like immersing me for a month in his world and better understanding his philosophy of life and entrepreneurship, far from the thundering proclamations of many business gurus, and much closer to the reality of things.”

Agostino Famlonga

Let's Talk Real-World Results...

You're probably wondering: just how productive can the focus & action system make me? And what does that level of productivity mean in practice, for me as an entrepreneur?

I'm all about keeping things practical, so let me give you two real, practical, down-to-earth case studies of how I applied the focus & action system to my own work and the results I got from it.

Case Study Nr. 1

Back-to-Back Online Course Launches

in 90 Days




Online Courses


Live Webinars


Live Workshops

In short: I created & launched 2 full online courses, from scratch, in just 60 days. That means I did all the market research, preparation, content, marketing etc. for 2 entire products in just 2 months.

In total, I created and published over 100 videos in this period - about a dozen marketing videos and the rest video lessons for my courses. And the 2 course launches generated over $500K in sales.

Not bad, right? Especially considering that it takes most people months, if not years, to complete and launch a single product.

So, was my life in shambles during this time?

Nope. Actually, I took a nice trip to Singapore during this same period and I was exercising regularly as well as maintaining a great social life.

Okay, but was this just a singular mad sprint, then?

Also no. Let's expand our time window by another month. In the 3 month period during which I released my two courses, I also did a total of 9 live webinars (all presenting original content - presentations I'd never done before) as well as speaking on stage at an event and hosting 2 live workshops.

Case Study Nr. 2

Zero to 100K Followers in a Brand New Niche

in 50 Days




New Followers


Niches Tested


Business Launched

How do you start a new business in a niche that you've never worked in before? The risk is that you'll invest time into creating a brand, a product, a website etc... only to find out the niche is dry and no one wants your product.

This is where rapid market evaluation comes in. I decided to use short form content to figure out whether I could enter a new niche and grow an audience organically. If people responded to my content, that would be a positive sign and it would give me a crowd of people to learn from, interact with and eventually sell products to.

So I dove in head first and created over 70 short form content pieces in under two months. I launched multiple different accounts to test different value propositions and was uploading daily to each of them.

One of them popped off, I cranked up the video production even further and crossed 100K followers in under 2 months.

Not a bad way to start, is it?

Now think about how this goes for most people: decide to start making content... then it takes a week to make 1 short video. Then a bunch of insecurities kick in and it takes 2 weeks to make the next one...

At this pace, how do you ever get enough data to validate an idea?

This is exactly why rapid implementation and a bulletproof productivity system are invaluable.

What Would This Level of Productivity Do for You?

The above example is just me, working on my business. Now, think about what you would do, with this level of focus and output. If you're a creator, what would this kind of work translate to, in terms of real world results?

100 Published Videos in 2 Months

That means you could make weekly videos for an entire calendar year, in just one month. How much traffic could this amount of content marketing drive for you?

Creating & Launching Products in Record Time

What would it mean for your business if you could create an entire online course, sharing and teaching what you know, in just 4-6 weeks?

Content, Videos, Presentations in No Time

How much could you grow your brand if you could create month's worth of engaging content in just a few weeks? How much could you increase your sales if you tested out 2 or 3 different sales webinars and then put the best performing one on repeat?

You get the idea.

The ability to do this much work, do it quickly AND at a high quality level is invaluable.

And on a personal note: from a distance, people are often surprised at the level of success I've enjoyed. But once they get to know me, they're no longer surprised. Seeing how much work I'm capable of doing makes my success seem pretty reasonable.

If you work with a team of people, you already know how important that is. You can't expect anyone on your team to be more productive, more engaged and more focused on quality than yourself. 

You set the standard and without having to say anything, people around you will start to match your pace.

And remember: this is all possible without stress, overwhelm and burnout. As the case of Aleana shows, focus & action is an antidote to all of those things:

Aleana Unlocks Productivity Without Burnout

When I started, I was in a pretty bad place. I had just come out of another burnout and I was terrified of it happening again. I couldn’t even commit to 1 hour of work a day.
Weeks later, I am back to my productivity level before burnout, but this time I’m doing it in a sustainable way.
I’m so happy with the results! It’s really
been way better than I expected.”

- Aleana Bargaoui

Enroll in the focus & action Class Today

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For how long can I access the course?

You'll be able to log in and access all the videos, replays of live sessions and course material, any time you want. There is no time limit at which point you lose access to the course.

What if there are live sessions I can't attend?

I will do my best to create live sessions for different time zones. But if you can't join a session for any reason, you'll still be able to access the replay at any time and there will also be opportunities to ask your questions via comments and surveys, during the course.

You will get all the information you need to succeed with this system, even if you don't join any of the live sessions.

Is there a refund guarantee?

If you don't like the course, just send in a support ticket or email asking for a refund and you'll get your money back.

Do you share the tools & apps you use?

Yes. Although this isn't the main focus of the course, you will learn a complete productivity system here that includes all the apps I use to manage tasks, projects, calendars, deadlines and so on.

More importantly, you'll discover exactly how to use these tools, to get the most out of them.

“One of the best courses I have ever bought”

“Just using one tool out of the course made a huge difference to my work. I noticed that I am already more productive and it helps me focusing on my goals without additional pressure. It’s much easier for me to prioritize on stuff that needs to be done & makes a difference and busywork.

Shane is a great teacher. He doesn’t just say: you have to do xyz and follow my advice. He explains what happens if you follow his strategies and tips, why it’s important to think about it and what might happen if you don’t use or do anything at all. He explains lots of different tools and techniques and says: take what works best for you! In my opinion there’s no one-size-fits-all tool or strategy and I’m glad this course gives me the freedom to choose what fits my needs.

This course is so personal, insightful and will improve much more areas of my life than 'just' the business. This course is one of the best courses I have ever bought. Thanks Shane!”

Michaela Thiede

“One lesson alone was worth the price of the course...”

“I love this course, it covers everything from the long-term goals to the daily tasks. I am a constant student on how to become more efficient not just more productive and this course has definitely delivered. It is unlike any other productivity course I took or book I read. There was one particular lesson in the goal setting section that was so surprising but also so valuable, that alone was worth the price of the course.

The quality of this course is outstanding and Shane really over delivers but does not overwhelm. It's very well structured and encourages to take action. Shane's teaching style is very personal and engaging, and I loved hearing about his own learnings, practices, and experiences.

I can recommend this course to anyone, it's money well spent.

Conny Graf

“I recommend it for anyone who feels they aren't reaching their full potential...”

“Shane's Focus & Action course is critically important as it lays the foundation for strategic and focused action for my business. With a new business venture in the works, I knew that I needed help improving task management and goal achievement—this course meets those needs and more.

The content quality and teaching style are first-rate. The course walks you through all of the areas that are important to achieving fully optimized, deep focus work. For anyone who feels they aren't reaching their full potential due to inefficient and unfocused work habits, I highly recommend this course—it can be the difference between success and failure.

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have discovered Shane and his offerings, as I know I can trust them to be of the highest quality.”

David Coleman

“Now I'm getting things done without feeling stressed or worn out...”

“I'm much more focused and a lot less distracted. I know how to prioritize my work and I find it easier to get things done. The difference is in my state of being. I feel so much more relaxed. I'm a lot more efficient and productive. This course came at a moment when I was questioning myself on my abilities to grow a business. I felt so overwhelmed by the stuff to be done. I felt that everything was important and needed to be done all at ounce. In fact, I was not focusing the right way. Now I'm getting so much done and without feeling stressed or worn out. I got my control back and I feel so motivated to go on. Your course really made a difference.

There is another thing I really appreciate about the course: no waste of time. The lessons get to the point and are making a real difference for me.”

Annie Leblond

How Often Do You End a Day Feeling Truly Satisfied?

How often do you mentally high-five yourself for nailing your daily goals and making clear, visible progress?

And how often do you shut your laptop feeling exhausted, after a day of doing all kinds of busywork that feels like you got nothing done?

How often do you catch yourself browsing Instagram, Facebook, Reddit or whatever your choice of social media, when you know you should be working?

How often do you grab your phone to quickly check something, only to get sucked in to messaging, social media and other distractions?

We all know what it's like: even if you have the best intentions, it's just so easy to get distracted. You go to YouTube to look up a useful tutorial... and before you know it, 3 hours have passed and you've fallen down a rabbit-hole of videos.

And sometimes, you're just too tired or not in the mood to do the work. You know it's important, but you don't have the energy to do more than plop down on the couch and treat yourself to some Netflix.

All of these behaviors are totally understandable. In fact, they're completely normal, these days. But let's be real: if you want to reach your goals and take your success to the next level, something has to change.

I can't wait to see you become our next big success story!

focus & action is the very best productivity & goal achievement system I can teach and nothing is more gratifying than seeing it make a difference to the students who give it a try.

With the focus & action Live Class, I'm taking this further than ever before. My goal is to create the most spectacular success stories possible, through our online training, community & live coaching.

As someone who used to struggle with procrastination, overwhelm and a lack of direction myself, I know how important it is to solve these problems. I hope you'll give this a chance and I can't wait to work with you to create real, lasting change in your life.