If you could implement everything you know, you'd already be on a path to success...

“Discover How to Use the Power of Procrastination to Get More Done in 4 Hours than Most People Get Done in 4 Days!

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What You'll Discover on this Free Webinar

We'll squeeze the absolute maximum of useful, convention-shattering productivity advice into just 1 hour of time. After all, this is about productivity, to the last thing we'll do is waste your time. Here are some of the topics we'll cover on this completely free class:
Productivty Hack #1: 90 Awesome Minutes

A simple framework that shows you how you can squeeze more productive work out of a single 90 minute work session than you ever thought possible.

Productivity Hack #2: Effortless Motivation

Learn how you can trick your brain into enjoying work - even if it's work you usually hate and always put off. There's no easier way to ensure that you get your most important work done.

Productivity Hack #3: Fall Down, Get Back Up Again

No one is always in the zone & always doing their best work. Humans fall down, but with this technique, you can reliably pick yourself back up and get back into it.

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August 21

Webinar Note:

*You have missed the live class, but for a limited time, you can watch a recording of the session!

About the Class Teacher, Shane Melaugh

Shane Melaugh started out as the kid in class who can never pay attention. He dropped out of university and spent some time failing all his attempts to start his own business.

Now, he's a serial entrepreneur who built several 7-figure businesses from scratch, including a software company that employs more than 70 people. He's passionate about teaching unconventional productivity skills because for him, those were the keys to financial independence & lifestyle of complete freedom.

Barbie Figueroa


“Clear and concise delivery...”

Love Shane's teaching style and I'm super excited to learn from him so that I can take this part of my business to the next level.

I love the clear and concise delivery and how I always get exactly what I need.

Michaela Thiede

Health Coach

“Shane is a great teacher...”

Shane is a great teacher. He doesn’t just say: you have to do xyz and follow my advice. He explains what happens if you follow his strategies and tips, why it’s important to think about it and what might happen if you don’t use or do anything at all.

David Coleman

Marketing Consultant

“First-rate quality & style...”

Shane's content quality and teaching style are first-rate, something that I frankly expected, having been exposed to his other products & offerings. I know I can trust his stuff to be of the highest quality.

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