How to ACTUALLY Work Productively in Windows 11

If you set out to find productivity tips for Windows users, most of the content you encounter will be about productivity software and apps. But the reality is, far more productivity gains come from using the very basic features of the operating system - and using them well.

The video above demonstrates the simple steps you can take to turn your Windows 11 into a far more productive work space. Below is a brief summary of some of the points covered.

Declutter the Start Menu & Taskbar

Start by freeing up your start menu. Go to settings, then personalization and customize it to suit your workflow. Remember, a minimalistic approach is always more productive. Apply the same philosophy to your taskbar; unpin unnecessary icons and consider shifting the taskbar to the left for consistent accessibility.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Launch your apps swiftly using keyboard shortcuts. Simply hit the Windows key, type the first few letters of the app, and press Enter. If you're used to always navigating the interface with the mouse, this might seem unintuitive at first. But give it a try and you'll soon notice that it's far easier and quicker to access your programs this way.

Get Rid of Bloatware

When you buy an off-the-shelf computer or laptop, it usually comes with Windows pre-installed... along with a small or large collection of other applications pre-installed by the manufacturer. It's unfortunate but true that many Windows laptops are loaded down with useless (sometimes even bordering on malicious) bloatware.

Navigate to the add or remove programs section in the settings and uninstall apps that are not essential. Tools like Bulk Crap Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller can be handy for a thorough cleanup.

Minimize Notifications

A distraction-free workspace is pivotal for productivity. Customize your notifications settings to minimize interruptions and foster a focused work environment. Focus Assist features can be handy, but a default, distraction-free setup is the goal.

File Management

Your desktop is not a storage space. Create a robust folder structure for easy file storage and access. Adopt a minimalist approach to ensure that every file is easily locatable, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

Internet Browsing

Upgrade your internet browsing experience with Firefox and the uBlock Origin extension. Enjoy ad-free, faster loading web pages, which translates to a more productive browsing experience.

Ergonomics & Input Devices

If you’re a laptop user, consider an external mouse and keyboard. It’s not just about speed, but also comfort and ergonomics. And speaking of keyboards, mastering touch typing and essential keyboard shortcuts is a game changer for productivity.

Backup & Security

Never underestimate the power of backups. Use reliable platforms like pCloud or Skiff Drive for privacy-focused options. Alongside this, password managers like 1Password or Bitwarden ensure both security and efficiency in accessing various platforms.

Avoid the Efficiency Trap

Efficiency is not the sole component of productivity. The core lies in accomplishing important tasks with deep focus. As you optimize your efficiency, ensure that your focus remains on tasks that align with your most significant goals.

About the Author

Shane is a half Swiss, half Irish person who's managed to channel his very perfectionist and somewhat obsessive nature into a relentless pursuit of personal improvement. Then that kinda got derailed by a relentless entrepreneurial pursuit and now it's something in between the two.