focus & action Results and Success Stories

focus & action is a proven system that has transformed the lives and businesses of entrepreneurs every time we've run the class. On this page, we've collected some of the stories they've shared with us.

Nick Builds an Agency While Working Full Time

“I used to always wait until the last minute of a deadline and be super stressed out… the deadline was the only thing that would get me to take action.
Now, I set a goal, break it down and just follow the system. It feels almost effortless.
At my startup job, I’ve never missed a deadline and never had any stress. And at the same time, I scaled my own agency and crossed $10K/month.
I think that wouldn’t have been close to
possible before focus & action.”

- Nick Patrocky

Sam Launches His Business in 6 Weeks

“My business income 3x-ed within four weeks after the course because it was so much easier to sell clients and work with clients with this new system.
I’ve always worked hard but I also have the tendency to be disorganized. With the program, I was able to focus on the most important tasks at hand and the knowledge that I would be held accountable by the end of the week.”

- Sam Overton

Aleana Unlocks Productivity Without Burnout

“When I started, I was in a pretty bad place. I had just come out of another burnout and I was terrified of it happening again. I couldn’t even commit to 1 hour of work a day.
Weeks later, I am back to my productivity level before burnout, but this time I’m doing it in a sustainable way.
I’m so happy with the results! It’s really
been way better than I expected.”

- Aleana Bargaoui

Philip Builds a Business & a Family at the Same Time

“focus & action came at a perfect time, because it was right when my wife got pregnant with our first child & I was starting my second business.

To be there for both my family & the business, I had to learn the game of maximum leverage on my time.

I felt three times as productive as anyone else around me.”

- Philip Röder

More Results from focus & action Customers

“I’m on this upwards trajectory and moving in the right direction FINALLY!”


“With focus & action I’ve made more progress in 1 month than the entire year before!”


“I made 30 YouTube videos in 30 days! My initial goal was 2 blog posts a week. It was great!”


“I achieved damn near the American Dream without really trying that hard.”


“A lot of business coaching can be very abstract. I love the practical nature of focus & action.”


“I feel a lot happier in life. This isn’t a temporary fix, it’s a long term strategy for success.”


“I was able to improve my productivity AND my overall happiness.”


“I learned a system to tackle my weaknesses and get sh!t done despite my perfectionism.”


“I launched a new business & already got my first three clients.”


“It helped me focus on taking action, systematically. And that has made me feel great!”


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The Frustrating Experience of Being Stuck & Unproductive...

Every entrepreneur knows that productivity is a key skill. But there's a difference between knowing and actually doing

We've all been there, where despite your best efforts, you keep treading water and you just can't seem to achieve the goals you've set for yourself.

Here are some of the things we've heard our successful clients say before they started working with us:

“I spend a lot of time working, but the results aren’t there”
  • “I keep starting projects and not finishing. I'm just unable to get any traction.”
  • “I’m always busy, but I find myself answering emails and watching Youtube. The day ends and I haven’t gotten anything significant done.”
  • “I’m too busy to pay attention to the important people and moments around me.”
“I have trouble focusing, I’m constantly overwhelmed...”
  • “I’m mentally burdened. It’s a lot of stress. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about emails and stuff...”
  • “I’m constantly confused about what my priorities are... I suck at planning.”
  • “The thing that frustrates me is I’m brilliant at wasting time. Hours and days go past without getting anything done.”
“I know what I need to do, but I can’t get myself to do it.”
  • “I know I should be making content, but I feel stuck. I just can't get myself to do it.”
  • “I was stuck this really bad procrastination mode. I felt a lot of kind of anxiety as well. I have not been able to actually do the things that I was setting out to do.”
  • “I keep trying to learn the next new system or create a better plan. But really, I know more than enough already, if I could just get myself to do more and worry less...
“I realized that what got me here won’t take me there...”
  • “I’ve had some success with my business, but now I seem to be stuck. Growth is stagnating.”
  • “I made it this far well enough, but now that I have a growing business, employees and more responsibility, I really need to be more systematic.”
  • “The solution I’ve always used is to just work more, work harder. I know that if I keep doing this, I’ll just burn myself out...”

If you recognize yourself in any of these, great news! You're exactly the kind of person who will benefit the most from the focus & action system.

What Our Clients Say About the focus & action System

“I accomplished a week’s worth of work in the morning...”

“I went from being an uncoordinated, procrastinating mess to actually working on my most important tasks daily. I cut 80% of my busywork and started focusing on what actually drives my business forward. I accomplish a week's worth of work in my morning hours now which already(!) affects my income.

The course is very clear, streamlined and high quality. It's a must-see for every entrepreneur.”

Tim Gelhausen

“Really changed my productivity for the better...”

“The course really helped me to understand the mechanisms that caused my lack of productivity. This way I am able to change my environment and to work more productively. I'm better able to focus and to make deliberate decisions about priorities.

Changing a few of my habits and routines really changed my productivity for the better.

I very much like Shane's style of teaching. The quality of the material is excellent and what I like most is that it is based on his own practice and experiments. This e-course has had more impact on my productivity than five days spent on a dedicated productivity course the last year.

This course is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to become more productive. Learn what you have to change and how to do it!”

Ton Meeuwissen
Online Marketer

“I recommend it for anyone who feels they aren't reaching their full potential...”

“Shane's focus & action is critically important as it lays the foundation for strategic and focused action for my business. With a new business venture in the works, I knew that I needed help improving task management and goal achievement—this course meets those needs and more.

The content quality and teaching style are first-rate. The course walks you through all of the areas that are important to achieving fully optimized, deep focus work. For anyone who feels they aren't reaching their full potential due to inefficient and unfocused work habits, I highly recommend this course—it can be the difference between success and failure.

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have discovered Shane and his offerings, as I know I can trust them to be of the highest quality.”

David Coleman

“One lesson in goal setting was worth the price of the course...”

“I love this course, it covers everything from the long-term goals to the daily tasks. I am a constant student on how to become more efficient not just more productive and this course has definitely delivered. It is unlike any other productivity course I took or book I read. There was one particular lesson in the goal setting section that was so surprising but also so valuable, that alone was worth the price of the course.

The quality of this course is outstanding and Shane really over delivers but does not overwhelm. It's very well structured and encourages to take action. Shane's teaching style is very personal and engaging, and I loved hearing about his own learnings, practices, and experiences.

I can recommend this course to anyone, it's money well spent.

Conny Graf

“I'm simply getting more done in less time!”

“It's made a huge difference to my productivity - I've actually had free time that has meant I can get more done, the focus time is such a fantastic idea, and it's so simple yet so effective. I've taken many productivity courses but none that actually help improve my productivity.

The content is beautifully simple - it doesn't require overly complex organization nor getting up at fact you get up when you want, it just works for a busy person, who's terrible at procrastination. I'm simply getting more done in less time.

Just thank you shane! The KanBan boards are just.. mind blowing! They have helped me organize my ideas, and just create systems that help me be productive and not just busy....actually productive!”

Jonathan Stewart

“I am less of a slave to all the notifications & interruptions...”

“The focus & action course is unlike any other productivity course out there, and I've taken A LOT of courses.

I've even implemented some of the steps from other courses but the big difference in focus & action is that Shane sets the stage with the mindset and habits you need to establish before just diving into the hacks and tips to be more productive. He truly knows that productivity requires discipline and shares his wisdom on how to be more disciplined.

By implementing just ONE single tactic from the course I've already seen a significant improvement in my productivity. I'm able to focus for longer periods and I am less of a slave to all the notifications and interruptions that used to cripple my productivity. I'm now working to instill the same habits and processes with my team.”

Amanda S

“One of the best courses I have ever bought.”

“Just using one tool out of the course made a huge difference to my work. I noticed that I am already more productive and it helps me focusing on my goals without additional pressure. It’s much easier for me to prioritize on stuff that needs to be done & makes a difference and busywork.

Shane is a great teacher. He doesn’t just say: you have to do xyz and follow my advice. He explains what happens if you follow his strategies and tips, why it’s important to think about it and what might happen if you don’t use or do anything at all. He explains lots of different tools and techniques and says: take what works best for you! In my opinion there’s no one-size-fits-all tool or strategy and I’m glad this course gives me the freedom to choose what fits my needs.

This course is so personal, insightful and will improve much more areas of my life than 'just' the business. This course is one of the best courses I have ever bought. Thanks Shane!”

Michaela Thiede

“I was able to complete my online course...”

“I felt like I was a solopreneur who had to do the administrative work of a large business.

Since I've always been interested in productivity and I knew of the high quality of Shane's courses, I was curious to see what focus & action would bring to the table. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the course contained much more than I had expected or even hoped.

I am now much more tightly organized in my work. I plan my days better. As a result, I get more work done AND I have more free time for other projects and hobbies. I applied a few small tweaks to my workflow, but these tweaks made a huge difference. I'm now also more aware when I'm wasting time with things that really aren't that important. I'm better at making use of my time and I can enjoy my free time, guilt-free.

As a result of focus & action, I was able to complete my online fotography course faster and with greater efficiency. As a result, thanks to sales of my own product, the focus & action course has paid for itself easily. What more could I ask for? Thank you!”

Helga Partikel
Photographer & Online Educator

“Now I'm getting so much done without feeling worn out...”

“This course came at a moment when I was questioning myself on my abilities to grow a business. I felt so overwhelmed by the stuff to be done. I felt that everything was important and needed to be done all at ounce.

Now I'm getting so much done and without feeling distressed or worn out. I got my control back and I feel so motivated to go on. focus & action really made a difference.

I know how to prioritize my work and I find it easier to get things done. The difference is in my state of being. I feel so much more relaxed AND I'm a lot more efficient and productive.

I really appreciate to have this opportunity to learn things from Shane's experience. Thank you for sharing this. This is really making a difference to me.”

Annie Leblond

“I'm being more productive than ever...”

“This course has made the most real, tangible difference in my productivity out of all the many initiatives I have tried.

I've read so many books in an effort to boost my productivity, but normally it has been limited to just one aspect of productivity. I might get a better system in place for managing time, but still don't work on the important things. Or, I might set great goals and deadlines, but fail to allocate my time effectively towards them.

Shane's course has been the complete package for me - I'm being more productive than ever and I'm tackling the things that are going to make a meaningful difference. Probably the biggest thing I've noticed though, is how much happier, fulfilled and less stressed I'm feeling at the end of each work day!

Shane has a great teaching style. The content is really clean and focused and the delivery is clear and to the point.”

Mark Coster
Online Educator

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